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The required courses of the doctoral program are: Statistical Inference and Advanced Probability, in addition to Special Topic Research [4 credits], Seminar [2 credits] and colloquium [0 credit/4 semesters]; a total of 18 credits are required.
18 credits for general students and 33 credits for direct entry students are required for graduation.
Students must pass the core courses established by this program.
Students must pass the Special Topic Research in all four semesters. If earlier graduation is satisfactory, the student must select and pass the Special Topic Research for all semesters in the graduate institute.

  The purpose of the qualifying examination for the doctoral program is to test whether the students in this program thoroughly understand the things that they have learned.  The qualifying examination is held once in August or September every year and is mainly given as a written test. Students may take the qualifying examination twice (maximum), and students who fail the exam both times will be withdrawn from the program.
  Subjects of qualifying examination:
1. Statistical Inference
2. Advanced Probability.

  The students in the doctoral program must meet the following requirements before applying for the degree exam:
Pass the qualifying examination
Essay published (or accepted) on latest CIS statistic journal for at least one point (point calculation: 2 points per essay/number of authors, among them, the authors must include the student and advisor. The advisor shall be a full-time, adjunct or part-time professor of this institute.)
Deliver a public presentation of the thesis

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