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Takeshi Emura    Associate Professor
Tel : (03)422-7151#65452
E-mail: takeshiemura@gmail.com
web: http://www.stat.ncu.edu.tw/teacher/emura/index.html

  1. Ph.D. in Institute of Statistics, National Chiao Tung Univiersity, Taiwan, 2007.
2. Ph.D. student in Mathematics and Physics, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University ,Japan, 2002-2004.
3. M.S. in Information and Mathematical science, Graduate School of Science and Technology, Chiba University, Japan, 2002.
4. B.A. in Mathematics, Department of Science, To-Kai University, Japan, 1999.

Research Interests
  1. Copula model
2. Truncated/Censored data analysis
3. Survival analysis
4. Statistical decision thoery
5. Reliability and Quality control

  [19] Emura T*, Nakatochi M, Matsui S, Michimae H, Rondeau V (2017)
Personalized dynamic prediction of death according to tumour
progression and high-dimensional genetic factors: meta-analysis with a
joint model, Stat Methods Med Res, doi:10.1177/0962280216688032

[18] Emura T*, Michimae H (2017) A copula-based inference to piecewise
exponential models under dependent censoring, with application to time
to metamorphosis of salamander larvae, Environ Ecol Stat,

[17] Emura T, Chen YH* (2016), Gene selection for survival data under
dependent censoring, a copula-based approach, Stat Methods Med Res
25(No.6): 2840–57

[16] Emura T*, Wang W (2016), Semiparametric inference for an
accelerated failure time model with dependent truncation, Ann Inst
Stat Math 68 (No.5): 1073–1094

[15] Emura T*, Shiu-SK (2016), Estimation and model selection for
left-truncated and right-censored lifetime data with application to
electric power transformers analysis, Commun Stat B-Simul 45 (No.9):

[14] Emura T*, Ho YT (2016), A decision theoretic approach to change
point estimation for binomial CUSUM control charts, Sequential Anal 35
(No.2): 238-253

[13] Emura T*, Nakatochi M, Murotani K, Rondeau V (2015), A joint
frailty-copula model between tumour progression and death for
meta-analysis, Stat Methods Med Res, doi: 10.1177/0962280215604510

[12] Emura T*, Murotani K (2015), An algorithm for estimating survival
under a copula-based dependent truncation model, TEST 24 (No.4):

[11] Emura T*, Konno Y, Michimae H (2015), Statistical inference based
on the nonparametric maximum likelihood estimator under
double-truncation, Lifetime Data Anal 21 (No. 3): 397-418

[10] Emura T*, Lin YS (2015), A comparison of normal approximation
rules for attribute control charts, Qual Reliab Eng Int 31 (No.3):

[9] Emura T*, Kao FS, Michimae H (2014), An improved nonparametric
estimator of sub-distribution function for bivariate competing risk
models, J Multivar Anal 132: 229-41

[8] Emura T , Chen YH*, Chen HY (2012), Survival prediction based on
compound covariate method under Cox proportional hazard models PLoS
ONE 7 (10). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0047627

[7] Emura T, Wang W* (2012), Nonparametric maximum likelihood
estimation for dependent truncation data based on copulas, J Multivar
Anal 110, 171-88

[6] Emura T, Konno Y* (2012), A goodness-of-fit tests for parametric
models based on dependently truncated data, Compt Stat Data Anal 56:

[5] Emura T, Konno Y* (2012), Multivariate normal distribution
approaches for dependently truncated data, Stat Pap 53 (No.1): 133-49

[4] Emura T, Wang W* & Hung HN (2011), Semi-parametric inference for
copula models for dependently truncated data, Stat Sinica 21: 349-67

[3] Emura T, Lin CW, Wang W* (2010), A goodness-of-fit test for
Archimedean copula models in the presence of right censoring, Compt
Stat Data Anal 54: 3033-43

[2] Emura T, Wang H* (2010), Approximate tolerance limits under the
log-location-scale models in the presence of censoring, Technometrics
52(No.3): 313-23

[1] Emura T, Wang W* (2010), Testing quasi-independence for truncation
data, J Multivar Anal 101: 223-39

  2014 Fall Survival analysis I
2014 Fall Quality control
2014 Spring Survival analysis II
2014 Spring High-dimensional data analysis
2016 Fall High-dimensional Data Analysis
2016 Fall Statistical Inference III
2017 Spring Quality Control
2017 Spring Survival Analysis I

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