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Our teaching goals are to equip students with sound statistical theories and help them become familiar with applied statistical techniques to enhance domestic research and application levels. In regards to education, we not only emphasize theoretical discussion, but also reinforce the concept of application. Each student in the graduate institute must study Mathematical Statistics, Regression Analysis and Statistical Computing, and other such courses.

Graduate institute students shall study at least 10 courses [a total of 30 credits]. Among them, Mathematical Statistics I and II, Regression Analysis and Statistical Computing courses are required. In addition, students in their second academic year must have Special Topic Research [2 credits], Seminar [1 credit] and Colloquium [0 credit/2 semesters].
30 credits are required for graduation. In addition to appropriately distributing the weight of the courses, at least one course is required for each semester (excluding Seminar, Special Topic Research and colloquium).
Students must pass the core courses established by this institute.
The “Financial engineer program” is established cooperatively with Departments of Finance and Mathematics. For course selection info, please refer to http://course.adm.ncu.edu.tw/crs/.

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